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Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacement Complications

Despite the fact that the FDA has ordered a recall on the Zimmer Knee NexGen, Zimmer still remains unconvinced that their product has frequently caused people suffering. The medical device company claims:

Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacement System is clinically proven and the most trusted knee replacement system in the world.

However, we are here to provide you some facts as to why this information is incredibly misleading.

Contact us today if your replacement knee was subject to recall. Even if you have not experienced any adverse effects, you need to preserve your rights and determine if and when your knee joint should be replaced.

The FDA Recalls The NexGen, Why?

On March 12, 2015 the FDA issued a recall on the NexGen Knee as a result of the fda-annouces-recall-on-zimmer-knee-after-complicationsknees loosening early and causing further complications. Just a relatively short time after knee replacement surgery patients of the Zimmer Knee replacement were claiming debilitating pain and decreased mobility. Unfortunately, many people who trusted this medical device have now realized they will be experiencing further suffering.

Greg Jones Law believes that knee implant manufacturers have a responsibility to the public to be transparent about the conditions of their products.

Seeking Advice From Medical Professionals

Many who experience complications after having a knee replacement surgery consult their physician first. By seeking advice from a trained medical professional you maybe able to learn that the pain you are experiencing has a deeper underlying cause. We put our trust in the medical industry to keep us healthy and happy. Zimmer Holdings however, has a history of issues internally with medical professionals within their own company. The New York Times reports that:

For years, Dr. Richard A. Berger designed surgical tools and artificial joints for Zimmer Holdings, In return, Zimmer… helped enrich Dr. Berger, portraying him as a master surgeon and paying him more than $8 million over a decade.

zimmer knee replacement complicationsAccording to Dr. Berger his patients were experiencing pain and severe discomfort after just a short time with their Zimmer implants. However, when he reported the issues to the administration with his company Zimmer countered by alleging that it was his technique versus a faulty medical device. Despite his resume and history of being a “master surgeon” within their company. As a result the New York Times reports that when it comes to Zimmer Holdings Dr. Berger admits:

 “I have lost confidence.”

Source: The New York Times (Surgeon vs. Knee Maker: Who’s Rejecting Whom?)

Have You Lost Confidence In Your Zimmer Knee?

Patients in Zimmer Knee Replacement lawsuit cases are proving that the Zimmer Knee NexGen is failing at an increased rate. As a result, they are receiving a resolution to a painful experience that is well deserved. If you are loosing confidence in your Zimmer knee replacement the best thing to do is gain legal representation.

In the fight against a company that has continued to support a product that may have caused you or someone you know suffering you will need legal aid. Our experienced defective medical device attorneys here at Greg Jones Law are ready to help, get started today with a free consultation.

Get an experienced knee replacement attorney at Greg Jones Law.

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