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Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Talcum powder has been a household product for over a century. As many believed the scented powder, commonly referred to as “baby powder,” was completely harmless it quickly became a household staple for woman and infants.

In fact, the scented talcum powder produced by Johnson & Johnson was so commonly used that many women have nostalgically associated the now controversial powder with the memories of their newborn infants. That it is why it has come to a shock to the people who trusted this product the most that Johnson & Johnson may have concealed information regarding its safety.

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We believe that Johnson & Johnson knew that as well and chose company profits over the health of women.

Talc Powder and Ovarian Cancer

Plaintiffs of talcum powder lawsuits are claiming that prolonged exposure to talcum powder near the genital area caused them Ovarian Cancer. Furthermore, they claim that Johnson & Johnson concealed information for over 40 years that could have possibly saved many women from one of the world’s most dangerous illnesses, cancer. This litigation is compelling because there has been no scientific link proven between the prolonged exposure of talcum powder in or near the vagina and Ovarian Cancer. So then why are so many women in talcum powder lawsuits with Johnson & Johnson?

A Responsibility To Women

According to medical professionals it is very difficult to conduct an accurate study determining if there is a true link between genital exposure to talc powder and Ovarian Cancer. Researchers claim there are many difficulties to overcome in a study like this. The first being that talc is not a medical drug and its usage and dosage vary from person to person. So even with all the unsurety, how is that Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay 100’s of millions of dollars in damages to the plaintiffs of the talcum powder lawsuits?

Judges are finding the once highly favored personal hygiene maker negligent of properly warning their consumers of the dangers of their product. The evidence shows that J&J intentionally concealed information that was brought to them about the possibility of their product not being safe for women. Furthermore, they failed to act on it because of the possibility of tarnishing their brand and reputation.

Fighting Against Johnson & Johnson

Here at Greg Jones Law we believe that every person has a right to information that could keep them from harm. We believe that Johnson & Johnson knew that as well and chose company profits over the health of women. In the fight against a big company who has been known to disregard your best interest you will need an attorney experienced in talcum powder lawsuits. If you have found yourself facing cancer as a result of prolonged use of Johnson & Johnson talcum powder products contact us as soon as possible. The quicker we face Johnson & Johnson the quicker you can get a resolution to your suffering.

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