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Qualifying for Social Security Disability

If your disability prevents you from working, the Social Security Administration will not simply take your word for it. You must provide medical evidence that matches an “official” condition or otherwise prove that you cannot find and sustain gainful employment.

At Greg Jones Law we provide start-to-finish assistance for this daunting and frustrating process. We know what kind of proof the SSA claim officers and hearing judges are looking for when you apply for Social Security Disability. We are familiar with the law, the claims and appeals process and the different ways to qualify for benefits.

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Ways to qualify for SSD benefits

There are three main ways to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI):

  • Listed impairment — The SSA recognizes certain physical and mental conditions as disabling if you meet the specific criteria. You will need extensive medical documentation of your diagnosis, treatment and medical progress.
  • Medical-vocational allowance — If you do not qualify under a listed impairment, you may still be able to demonstrate that your are unable to sustain work because of physical, medical and/or mental health limitations. This requires a formal medical assessment of your capacity for sedentary, light-duty or medium exertion jobs.
  • Age allowance — If you are age 50 or over, the SSA acknowledges that you may be less able to handle physically demanding jobs or transition to a new type of work. The SSA makes graduated allowances for workers age 50, at age 55 and at age 60 to help them qualify for benefits.
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Social Security Disability Lawsuit

Our firm has helped clients of all ages and all occupations qualify for disability benefits. We have successfully handled claims for medical conditions and mental disorders, winning benefits in hearings and appeals. With offices around the nation, you can get the legal help you need. Call 855-566-3752 or contact us online.

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