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Social Security Survivor Benefits

When a person who has paid into the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) system dies, the surviving spouse and children of minor age (under 21) are eligible to receive survivor benefits. A minor-aged child receives 75 percent of the worker’s benefit amount. The amount paid to the surviving spouse depends upon the age of the spouse at the time of the worker’s death. For example, a widow(er), of retirement age 65 or older generally receives 100 percent of the worker’s basic benefit amount. At working age 60 or under, however, the surviving spouse will receive between 70 and 99 percent.

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Social Security Applications and Denials

The application process for receiving Social Security survivor benefits is often frustrating because of the nature of the Social Security application process. At a time when the family is grieving over the loss of a loved one, it is difficult to gather the appropriate records and information required by the Social Security Administration. Many legitimate initial claims are denied because of an oversight on a small technical matter.


If you are a surviving spouse of a deceased worker or retired person eligible for Social Security benefits, contact Greg Jones Law. Our firm has a successful record of moving survivor benefits claims through the approval process quickly and effectively.

We will handle every detail to help you receive the benefits you are counting on, including:

  • Dealing with the probate matters and death certificate requirements
  • Locating all relevant Social Security payment information that may be required
  • Gathering all medical reports and records that may be required
  • Completing the forms accurately and on time
  • Following up to make sure your records are complete and in process
  • Preparing your denied claim for a successful appeal

Representing clients nationwide, Greg Jones Law has helped many people seeking benefits through the federal Social Security system. To find out if you have a case contact us today for a free case evaluation. Call 855-566-3752 or contact us online.

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