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Signs Your Knee Replacement May Be Defective

Defective Medical Device Attorneys | Information on the side effects of a defective knee replacement, learn how to tell if your knee replacement is defective before serious side effects occur.

While most people expect to get back to the activities they once enjoyed post knee replacement surgery, many are experiencing a more complicated end result. As knee replacement surgery gains in popularity among people looking for increased mobility, unfortunately so have post knee replacement complications.

In recent years knee replacement device manufacturers have produced a number of defective products. Some of these products, like the Zimmer Knee NexGen,  were even recalled by the FDA due to loosening and more serious complications. While your knee replacement maybe feeling just fine, it is still important to know the signs of a defective knee replacement post surgery.

We have compiled this short list of signs you can watch out for if you think your knee replacement is defective.

1. You Feel Your Knee “Giving-Away”

Unfortunately, having your knee not be able to support you at times is a sensation that patients of knee replacement surgery know all to well. The expectation of course is that post surgery the inconvenience of having your knee “give-away” on you will be eliminated. So you maybe surprised to one day stumble or loose your balance post knee replacement surgery. Post surgery this sensation is caused by defective implants that are not providing enough support. Although, it maybe one of the milder symptoms of a defective knee replacement, having your knee “give -away” may alert you early before increased complications.

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2. You Feel Pain And/Or Friction

Friction and pain go hand in hand when it comes to defective knee replacements. Friction in knee replacement is the catalyst to many very painful complications. It can cause wearing to the implant itself and the components in your knee including bones and joints. If you feel a stiffness, loss of range of motion, pain, or decreased mobility this maybe a sign of a defective knee replacement.

3. You Have An Infection

While you may not know that you have an infection immediately after knee replacement surgery. There can be many signs indicating the onset of something very serious. Fever is the number one sign that you have an infection. Many people do not feel well after having a surgery due to anesthesia or reactions to medications. As a result, they sometimes disregard the symptoms that could alert them to an infection. In defective knee replacements some of the materials the devices are made with allow bacteria to be carried into your body. If you believe you have an infection post knee replacement surgery contact a medical professional immediately.

4. You Suffered A Fracture

A lot of patients become aware their knee replacement was defective after they have a revision surgery due to a fracture. Defective knee replacements, such as the Zimmer Knee NexGen, wear and loosen causing instability, pain, and more. If you have suffered a fracture in an area around your knee implant this could be a sign that it is loose or unstable.

The best thing you can do if you believe that your knee replacement is defective is contact legal counsel. Knee replacement manufacturer’s are producing defective devices that are currently causing many people pain and suffering. To understand why you may need legal counsel, take a look at some research that we compiled regarding the Zimmer Knee NexGen Replacement Complications.

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