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Propecia Side Effects

Finasteride is manufactured by international pharmaceutical giant Merck and sold as Propecia, Proscar in the U.S. market. The drug is part of a class of synthetic pharmaceuticals used to inhibit the enzyme the body uses to convert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Finasteride drugs such as Propecia, Proscar and Avodart (by GlaxoSmithKline) are commonly prescribed to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and male pattern baldness (MPB).

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Finasteride Products Controversy

In recent years, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has begun investigating increased reports of serious and unknown side effects among males using finasteride products to alleviate male pattern baldness. These side effects include:

  • Gynecomastia, enlarged breasts leading to increased risk of male breast cancer
  • Erectile dysfunction and impotence
  • Reduced libido

Unfortunately, the side effects do not necessarily abate after stopping finasteride drugs. The effects can be devastating and permanent.

If you have suffered severe side effects after using a course of drugs such as Propecia, Proscar or Avodart, for any prescribed use, talk to Greg Jones Law. We offer a free consultation to discuss your legal options. If you hire our firm to represent you, we will not charge attorney fees if we cannot help you recover compensation in a settlement or jury verdict.

What About My Propecia Injury Lawsuit?

Greg Jones Law has successfully sued major drug manufacturers for failing to warn of the dangers. We have the means and the experience to represent clients throughout the United States in pharmaceutical litigation. To find out if you have a case against the makers of the medication Propecia contact us today for a free case evaluation. Call 855-566-3752 or contact us online.

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