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Product Liability Law Firm | Helping Victims of Personal Injury

Every year thousand of products come to the market without proper testing. Many times these products are recalled by their manufacturers as soon as they learn of potential defects. Unfortunately,  in the mean time these products can pose serious danger to the consumers who purchased them.

The attorneys at Greg Jones Law have handled many cases involving bad products that harmed innocent people. We are taking product liability cases nationwide. If you have been seriously injured by a defective product, contact us today for a free case evaluation.
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Expertise in cases of special circumstance

We handle cases in a number of specialized areas such as asbestos and pharmaceutical litigation that require highly technical and expert medical evaluation. Yet, the range of personal injury cases we handle is broad, including:

As new personal injury issues arise, we continue to dedicate ourselves to helping victims and taking on these additional practice areas.

Seasoned experience and expertise from both sides of the courtroom

Greg Jones founded the firm more than 25 years ago and today is recognizedpersonal injury attorneys as a top attorney through inclusion in Super Lawyers magazine. Throughout the legal industry, he is widely recognized as a successful personal injury lawyer among his peers. Consequently, other attorneys often turn to him for his innovation, advice and leadership. He frequently travels across the United States, attending conferences and representing clients nationwide in mesothelioma, Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) and other cases. Our firm has an insight into insurance company strategies. We are a powerful advocate at trial and combine our experience, talent, and strong commitment to holding negligent parties accountable for injuries and damages. Winning is no accident.

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Nationwide Personal Injury Lawsuit

Our firm has handle cases for victims of personal injury nationwide. If you believe that you have a case our advice is to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The attorneys at Greg Jones Law are here to advise you on how to get the best possible outcome.


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