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Knee Replacement Lawsuit: The Recent History of Faulty Knees

Defective Medical Device Attorney’s | Helping recipients of defective prosthetic knees with their knee replacement lawsuit

As the number of those seeking knee replacement surgery continues to rise at an astounding rate within the United States, the serious side effects of defective knee replacements continue to be exposed. Loosening, defragmenting, metal on metal scraping are just a few of the issues that have been reported by plaintiffs in knee replacement lawsuits. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has an obligation to ensure unsafe products are not available to consumers on the market, many faulty devices were approved within the last 10 years. Resulting in the FDA recalling several of those knee replacement devices themselves.

These faulty devices were push to the market by orthopedic prosthetic companies that dominate the medical device industry, like Zimmer and DePuy (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson); however, they continue to let consumers down by periodically releasing a product that causes consumers extensive damage. Not only that, but the makers of these devices have the same obligation to ensure patients are aware of all associated risks with the devices that they produce. However, for a growing number of people across the United States, their knee replacement is letting them down.

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Knee replacements recalled by the FDA

Zimmer Biomet, DePuy, and Stryker lead the orthopedic medical device industry in number of devices recalled with many minor companies trailing not far behind. The FDA has even issued a Class I recall, their most serious type due to the impending risk of danger, multiple times recently on various types of knee replacements.

DePuy Knee Replacements Recalled:

In the past 10 years DePuy has seen many people come forth in knee replacement lawsuits due to the various faulty knee replacements they distributed. DePuy leads the orthopedic prosthetic industry in Class I recalls and since 2013 has had at least 7 recalls of knee replacement components. Recently DePuy has experienced issues with the following knee replacement models:

  • DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System: In the summer of 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a recall on Attune Articulation Surface, a component of the DePuy Attune Knee System due to the potential for one of it’s components, a small metal coil, to become detached and dislodged near the patient’s surgical site.

Learn more about all the DePuy Knees involved in DePuy Knee Lawsuits.

Zimmer BioMet Knee Replacements Recalled:

Industry leaders Zimmer and BioMet merged in 2015 to create the orthopaedic manufacturing supergiant now renamed as Zimmer BioMet. Even though the company is now the biggest orthopedic manufacturer in the world, they too have continued to produce a bevy of faulty medical devices. In addition, thousands of recipients of the Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacement are currently involved in a multi-district knee replacement lawsuit, due to the crippling side effects of the NexGen Knee:

  • Zimmer NexGen Knee Lawsuit: When a company voluntarily recalls its products because of major health complications, the typical strategy is to settle claims as quickly as possible for as little as possible before people realize what their claim is really worth. Greg Jones Law has a record of results in medical device litigation. We can represent you in your claim against Zimmer NexGen to ensure that you are not shortchanged.

Stryker Knee Replacement Lawsuits:

Since 2013, Stryker has 5 notable knee replacement related recalls, with one resulting in an $80 million dollar payout to avoid criminal and civil liability related to defective components. In previous years, recipients of Stryker knee replacements faced a series of dangerous side effects, as their implants were ridden with damaged components and prone to early wear.

How To Start A Knee Replacement Lawsuit

Many recipients of faulty knee replacements nationwide are seeking retribution for having multiple revision surgeries, bone fractures, decreased mobility and more. While some may think that the giving away or slight pain they feel post knee replacement surgery may be par for the course, it could also be the sign that your knee replacement is defective.

Our knee replacement lawyer has put this guide together to help you determine if your knee is faulty: Signs Your Knee Replacement May Be Defective.

Our law firm is currently helping recipients of defective knee replacements nationwide in their knee replacement lawsuit. A consultation with an experienced medical device attorney is free and can get your knee replacement lawsuit started today. Contact us online or call our office at 855-556-3752 to learn more about your knee replacement lawsuit.

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