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GenX: Part of same family of banned chemicals

Breaking news regarding the Wilmington NC tap water contamination | Greg Jones Law a National Personal Injury Law Firm based in Wilmington, NC | Helping victims of cancer and other serious illnesses with their GenX Lawsuit

The unregulated GenX found in Wilmington’s NC drinking water and Cape Fear River has a close chemical structure to PFOA or C8, other compounds found to be very toxic and harmful to people.

GenX is a chemical that can’t be removed by traditional water treatment methods. It’s made by the Chemours Co. at Fayetteville Works, on the Cumberland-Bladen county line. The plant sits along the Cape Fear River, about 100 miles upstream from Wilmington.

There hasn’t yet been adequate research on the GenX and its effect on human health. Scientific research is few and information given by the maker, Chemours Co., is meager.

However, a link into the history of GenX and banned chemical C8 shows why the Chemours company isn’t eager to divulge details about GenX. If you were suddenly diagnosed with a life threatening illness like Cancer, immune system disorders, and more contact our GenX lawyer today for a free case evaluation.

If you or someone you know has been affected by these issues, Greg Jones Law is currently taking cases regarding GenX contamination of your tap water. Contact us today about your GenX Lawsuit - 855-Jones-Law

The discovery of GenX from the Chemours plant in tap water alarmed the community. In a public meeting, many questions from the audience revolved around the possible diseases that could come from drinking water with this chemical during an undetermined amount of years.

Chemours said it believes the GenX in the river is not from its production facility at the Fayetteville Works site, but rather another facility at the site, where GenX is an unregulated byproduct of the production of vinyl ether and has been since 1980.

Chemours said in late 2013 they installed abatement technology to cut down the amount of GenX on the river.

After media reports, public uproar and the local and state’s environmental regulators intervention, the company announced it stopped dumping GenX on the river in June 2017, and agreed to pay for testing of the water.

EPA said it is using data from Chemours to update its risk assessment of GenX, but the company says it does not have enough information about questions put forth.

GenX, introduced by DuPont to replace PFOA, or C8, is one of many unregulated industrial chemicals that went unnoticed for decades. All have been ingredients in the manufacturing of Teflon.

Not until lawsuits were filed against C8 and trials began, evidence surfaced about experiments on animals that involved a wide range of health problems, including causing death of the lab animals.

The best information about the harm of C8 on humans came through legal battles over the chemical.

A team of scientists was convened as part of the case and after seven years of research found it likely linked to ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, testicular cancer and kidney cancer. The scientists published their findings of widespread effects on the body in peer-reviewed articles.

Most disturbing of all is that compounds like PFOA or C8 are present in the blood of the U.S. population, according to a 2007 analysis by the Centers for Disease Control. Even after removing it from the industrial process and bodies of water, it never breaks down, so scientist expect C8 to remain on the planet even after humans are gone.

Eight companies used C8 and are responsible for the contamination.

Knowing the dangers of PFOA, C8 and other chemicals, is reasonable to be alarmed by GenX because it comes from the same family of compounds.

While claims about various cancers have been made, some affected people with serious diseases are seeking legal advice.

From experience with water contamination cases in Wilmington and other communities in North Carolina and the rest of the country, we know it takes years for disease and ailments associated with toxic substances to come up and, in many cases, cause a lot of harm and hardship to individuals and their families.

We’re concern because of the known similarities in chemical structure between GenX and PFOA or C8.

There are 250,000 people currently living in Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender counties that could have been injured by the dumping of GenX on the water.

If you have cancer, thyroid tumors or colitis, you should talk about it with your doctors and keep informed of the health issues in this website as more information is only starting to surface. You can call Greg Jones Law. We’re taking calls about possible personal injuries.

What are the similarities between GenX and C8

GenX is used in the manufacturing of fluoropolymer resins to make nonstick coatings like Teflon and other products. It was developed by DuPont to replace PFOA or C8 after it was found to cause cancer and other ailments in humans.

PFOA or C8, like GenX today, was also an unregulated compound, but a class-action lawsuit was filed alleging it caused cancer. The lawsuit was recently settled and EPA phased it out of industrial use.

Scientist have said GenX is very similar in structure to PFOA and others in the family of fluorinated compounds, which we already know can caused kidney and testicular cancer, impaired fetal development and effects on the liver, thyroid and the immune system in laboratory test with rats.

During public forums and in media reports, scientists like Dr. Susanne Brander, a toxicologist at UNC Wilmington, have said that to understand GenX we should look at its predecessor to get an idea of what could be expected.

What are the options?

We are gathering more information, investigating all aspects related to the similarities between GenX and PFOA/C8 and claims of various types of cancer, colitis, thyroid, kidney, reproductive problems and other public health issues in connection to GenX in our drinking water.

If you or someone you know have these diseases, you might have a right to be compensated for personal injuries. We can offer a free legal consultation.

We’ve been following up on the information surfacing since the first reports on this issue and will share regular updates, so bookmark this website to come back frequently and follow our social media channels.

As a national personal injury law firm, Greg Jones Law has had success with this type of cases, many involving pharmaceutical companies, medical manufactures, insurance companies and other big corporations. We can provide strong legal representation with the client’s interests at heart.

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