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GenX in children’s drinking water

Breaking news regarding the GenX Wilmington NC tap water contamination | Greg Jones Law a National Personal Injury Law Firm based in Wilmington, NC

Infants, pregnant and breast-feeding women are vulnerable segments of Wilmington, NC population, at the highest health risks by drinking water laden with GenX or using it to prepare formula for their babies.

Formula-fed infants face the highest risk for negative health effects from drinking water with GenX, according to the updated risk assessment report released by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) on July 14, 2017.

The official recommendation is to use purified water instead. If you are someone you know has been affected by GenX in the Wilmington, NC area contact our firm today to learn more about a GenX Lawsuit.

We, at Greg Jones Law, are investigating cases concerning various types of cancer and other health issues that could be related to this contaminant. New information is surfacing every day. We are helping with GenX Wilmington NC based lawsuits, contact us today at 855-JONES-LAW.

At first, state health officials said lowered concentrations of GenX in Wilmington’s drinking water were “low risk” based on data from Dupont Chemours plant own computer modeling and not from actual sampling. Meanwhile, the state asked EPA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for prompt guidance on this chemical’s health risks.

Ongoing tests by the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) show reduced concentrations of GenX in drinking water since Chemours announced it was stopping discharges of the chemical upstream, from its Fayetteville site. This only happened after an uproar of public opinion.

What are safe levels?

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There are far-reaching concerns for the infants if we take in consideration the history of C8, another Dupont Chemours chemical used before to make Teflon – like GenX – that has been linked to multiple health problems, from cancer to reduce immune function, and then proven toxic to humans, even in small doses.

Until 2002, Dupont used to purchase C8 from another chemical company, 3M, but the company phased it out and Dupont started manufacturing it on its own factory in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Dupont stopped using C8 in the wake of massive class action lawsuits for its toxic health effects. More research found the correlation of diseases with the exposure to the chemical, after which EPA phased it out, but Dupont is still making it in China.

The European Union has very strict restrictions on C8 (PFOA and PFOS) and some countries have prohibited it.

EPA established in 2016 the health advisory levels of C8 (PFOA and PFOS) at 70 parts per trillion. EPA officials said then that the advisory levels were calculated to protect fetuses and breastfed infants, based on “the best available peer-reviewed studies”.

After the lawsuits and the discontinuation of C8 on industries, many water systems have detected it, and other related toxic compounds, at levels lower than the EPA guidelines for drinking water. Yet, the public health problem persists because researchers have proven that it doesn’t degrade in the environment and it stays on the body.

A coalition of scientists from around the world are calling for limiting the production of C8, altogether. In the U.S., they insist on more restrictions and for EPA to lower thresholds of exposure in drinking water to 1 part per trillion, which is the European Union’s recommendation for surface water.

GenX has been called a lesser health hazard than C8.

The CFPUA new data states that present lower levels of GenX in water (140 parts per trillion or lower), if consumed over a lifetime, will not have adverse health effects.

Cause for concern?

The 2012-2013 study by Dr. Detlef Knappe, from NC State University, five years ago reported GenX was 631 parts per trillion in the river, more than four times the alleged present concentrations.

This is cause for concern for children who were and are bottle fed due to the risks of concentrations of this substance in the body over time.

Cancers, thyroid and immune problems and even high cholesterol are among the health problems associated with C8, PFOA and PFOS compounds, used to make the same kind of products.

Diseases might take decades to develop, but we need information now to prevent or to mitigate the consequences of this toxic exposure, and that might require lab tests and unexpected medical expenses. Specific test can detect concentrations in the blood.

The industrial makers of GenX must come forward with all the data they have on health effects and take responsibility for the consequences of its discharges. Nonetheless, experience has shown us that they only move after legal actions are taken.

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