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Funeral Home Negligence

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When a loved one passes away, many people turn to a funeral home to help them honor the memory of their dearly departed with a proper burial or cremation. Grieving families place their trust in these establishments and their employees to care for their deceased loved one’s human remains and to help them through this difficult time.


Unfortunately, some funeral homes abuse this trust and fail to carry out their solemn roles. Their unethical practices insult your loved one’s remains, their memory, and/or their final resting place. The funeral home’s negligence creates more trauma for you and your family to endure during this already trying time of mourning your loved one and coping with your new reality.

Types of Funeral Home Negligence


The typical types of funeral home negligence include gravesite problems, improper processing of the corpse, improper burial, and corpse robbery. Most cases of funeral home negligence fall into one of the following three categories: (1) incompetence/honest mistakes/human error, (2) greed, corruption and/or deception, or (3) sexual perversion.


Listed below are specific common examples of funeral home neglect: 

  • Mishandling, dropping or losing the body
  • Burying the wrong body/presenting the wrong corpse for burial
  • Burying the deceased in the wrong grave plot
  • Burying multiple bodies in the same coffin or casket
  • Commingling of multiple corpses’ ashes
  • Moving the gravesite without notification 
  • Delivering the deceased to the wrong gravesite
  • Transporting the deceased in an unapproved container
  • Improperly storing the body
  • Unwanted embalming or cremation 
  • Improper or inadequate embalming 
  • Failure to prepare the body as agreed 
  • Disposing of the body in contradiction with your contract (cremating instead of burying)
  • Using a broken coffin or casket
  • Switching caskets (using a less expensive model)
  • Robbing the body of valuable items



Some more very extreme and rare situations include: 

  • Organ harvesting 
  • Sexually abusing the corpse 

Proving Funeral Home Negligence

Proving liability in either a funeral home neglect or an abuse case generally involves satisfying the following four elements: 

  1. A duty of care was owed – The funeral home owe their clients professionalism and a duty to treat the deceased honestly and respectfully. 
  2. They breached their duty – The funeral home breached their legal obligation to avoid harming you and/or your loved one, either by engaging in negligence or ill intent. 
  3. The breach directly led to harm – The funeral home is legally liable if they were responsible for any abuse or mistake. 
  4. Losses were suffered as a result – The funeral home’s actions injured the deceased (physically) and/or you and your family (emotionally/financially). 

Entitled to Compensation

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