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Featured In Triangle Business Journal

Despite his many years of favorable verdicts and settlements on individual injury and accident claims (car, trucking and motorcycle accidents, premises liability, dog bites, etc.), Jones has made a conscious shift these past two years to scale down those cases in favor of mass torts involving dangerous pharmaceuticals, medical devices liability and Mesothelioma, an asbestos related cancer. He transferred those smaller cases to his associates and another law firm. Now, he frequently travels across the U.S. attending conferences and representing clients nationwide in Mesothelioma, Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) and other dangerous drug cases.

Jones enjoyed going against companies for manufacturing harmful drugs. It opened him and Greg Jones Law to a new world of practicing that involved multi-district litigation, the exact opposite of a class action lawsuit. MDL refers to a special legal procedure designed to speed the process of handling complex cases, including product liability lawsuits.

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