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Eliquis side effects leads to lawsuits

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Eliquis was originally prescribed to patients who have a risk of forming a severe blood clot and suffering an event like a stroke. The medication, that is used as a blood thinner, quickly became a point of controversy when patients experienced severe and uncontrollable bleeding post taking their Eliquis prescription.

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Information on Eliquis Class Actions & Lawsuits

Greg Jones Law is taking cases nationwide for those making claims that Eliquis caused them severe and uncontrollable bleeding. Eliquis, a medication manufactured by Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer,  was prescribed to patients nationwide as an anticoagulant to reduce the chances of forming blood cots. Many patients who suffer from atrial fibrillation were described the drug Eliquis to reduce the risk of stroke.

Issues arose when doctors began struggling to deactivate the effects of Eliquis when those patients suffered from an event like a car accident or severe injury. Two things became apparent to medical professionals regarding the drug Eliquis:

  1. That it could cause severe uncontrollable internal bleeding.
  2. That it did not have an antidote, which could lead to user death.

As a result the plaintiffs in cases against the makers of Eliquis are claiming the following:

  • Failure to conduct thorough and complete testing of the drug
  • Marketing the products safety while concealing its risks
  • Bringing a product to the market that did not have a reversal agent
  • Causing patients extreme side effects, ranging from injury to death

What About My Eliquis Injury Lawsuit?

Plaintiffs in Eliquis lawsuits generally have three simple things in common:

  1. They were prescribed the drug Eliquis and took it.
  2. They suffered severe and uncontrollable bleeding.
  3. They experienced suffering and loss as a result.

Greg Jones Law has sued many major drug manufacturers for failing to warn of the dangers of their drugs. We have the means and the experience to represent clients throughout the United States in pharmaceutical litigation. To find out if you have a case against the makers of the medication Eliquis contact us today for a free case evaluation. Call 855-566-3752 or contact us online.