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CIGNA is one of the largest national disability insurance providers in America, principally providing group disability benefits through employer’s ERISA plans. CIGNA has faced many lawsuits in recent years because of denying legitimate long-term disability claims, often based on bad faith practices. Legal records indicate that the number of claims CIGNA has denied over the past several years has increased significantly.

When policyholders or claimants appeal the denied claim, CIGNA often explains that the decision was made because of poor documentation of the disability or missing a filing deadline, or because the disability was not covered by the policy. These may be an indication of bad faith insurance practices in your state.

Information on Cigna Lawsuits

When you are covered by an ERISA disability insurance plan through work, or a self-paid plan you purchased for yourself, you are entering into a contract with the provider. CIGNA is under legal obligation to review each claim, investigate the circumstances of the disability and follow through on awarding the claim if the claimant has met the provisions of the contract.

Greg Jones Law is a nationally recognized leader in litigation on behalf of claimants who have had their disability insurance claims denied by CIGNA. The firm aggressively represents clients throughout the United States and has a successful record of overturning denied claims on appeal, but winning significant punitive compensation in lawsuits to cover attorney fees and other financial damages.

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If your disability claim was denied by CIGNA, or any other national employer or self-paid disability insurance provider, talk to an attorney on the denied disability claims team at Greg Jones Law. Under the direction of trial attorney Greg Jones, attorneys at the firm have earned national recognition and awards for providing the highest level of representation and client service.

Greg Jones Law provides legal advice and representation for clients who have been denied claims from their disability insurance provider anywhere in the United States. From anywhere, call toll free 855-566-3752 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation with an experienced CIGNA denied claim lawyer today.

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