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Pancreatic Cancer linked in Byetta Complaints

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In recent years several diabetes drugs have come under fire for their dangerous side effects. Byetta is the most recent diabetes drug, used to treat type 2 diabetes, on the list of diabetes drugs prompting clients to file suit.

The once popular diabetes drug, Byetta has been linked to heightened risk of causing pancreatic cancer. Byetta lawsuits around the country all have plaintiffs claiming that their injections lead them to develop acute pancreatitis or some dangerous form of cancer, like thyroid cancer.

If you are someone that you love has suffered as a result of taking Byetta, contact us today to speak with our lawyers about a Byetta lawsuit.

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Byetta linked to Pancreatic Cancer

Reports and research from the medical community began sustaining the possible connection between Byetta and Pancreatic Cancer in early 2013. A research report released by the JAMA Network, indicated that a “significantly higher risk for developing acute pancreatitis,” was shown in their testing of Byetta type diabetes drugs.

Download the report and learn more: JAMA: Pancreatic Cancer & Diabetes Drugs

By this time the FDA had been alerted by reports like the one above and others and had also released its own warning of the potentially deadly side effects of Byetta. Even though just years early, in 2008, they had continued to assert no such link between Byetta and pancreatic cancer, the FDA was now releasing public warnings like this podcast:

Byetta side effects lead to changes & lawsuits

Byetta continues to remain on the market and available to consumers despite many well earned concerns. The increased risk for pancreatitis and other potentially deadly side effects are still present. The FDA, after confirming the research possibly linking pancreatic cancers to Byetta, began making the manufacturer’s of the medication, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,  produce a stronger warning label. In addition, health care officials are now warning their patients of the risk of developing pancreatitis and requiring them to get testing done if choosing to continue their prescription of Byetta.

Plaintiffs claims in Byetta Lawsuits

Unfortunately, there are no obvious signs that you may be developing pancreatitis until you are very sick. The typical signs of the illness are not generally so alarming that patients stop taking their Byetta injections. Adversely, the symptoms associated with diabetes when no available form of medication is present are much worse. Leading those taking Byetta to continue on a medication that could be dangerous for them.

The following claims are being made in cases against the manufacturer’s of Byetta:

  • The manufacturer knew of a possible link to pancreatic cancer and concealed such knowledge
  • The medical community was not properly warned about the severe side effects and thus did not advise patients adequately
  • The warning label did not indicate any such connection to a side effect like acute pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer
  • Byetta’s formula is inherentely flawed and the side effects of the drug outweigh the benefits

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