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Additional Testimonials

Hannah and Ellen are amazing! The office staff is friendly and I was taken very good care of during the duration of the settlement. They are punctual and kept me up to date on every aspect of my case. I highly recommend this film to anyone in need of legal issues. Thank you all so much for your care. ~ Laural Daniel

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with the Greg Jones Law Firm! From my case manager, Ms. C Witt, and my attorney, Mr. S. Wisler, everyone was helpful, courteous, respectful, and professional. My Wisler was very informative and understanding. I appreciate that. ~ Harold S.

As this was my first experience dealing with an accident attorney, I thought that all of your staff was very helpful, professional, and I could sense that you all really care if your clients are satisfied. Thank you. ~ Cliff H. Smith II

I felt understanding, compassion and loyalty toward my case that I never expected. What you did for me and the restoration of my peace of mind cannot be measured. Everyone I dealt with at your firm was top notch! ~ Michelle

I would like to thank all of those involved in my disability case at Greg Jones Law. At the time my first check came, my power had been cut off for 1 week and due to the foodstamp program problems, we had not received our monthly food allotment for 2 months. My grandkids screamed and I prayed and was so thankful. We have struggled for years. Growing up I never thought about what if I couldn’t work, what would I do, how would I survive. I wish it had not come to this so early in life but it did and has changed my ability to provide for myself and my family. I just need you to know the difference this has made and will continue to make. My sincerest thoughts and blessings. ~Alice Saunders

I am a Gulf War Veteran with PTSD and it has been a long three year battle to get my benefits. This firm has been by my side the entire time and has definitely gone above and beyond. I am so appreciative of all of the help I received from them. They let me vent and just kept assuring me that everything was going to be okay and they were right. ~William Stack

The folks at Greg Jones Law are really nice. The firm took care of my case as timely as possible. Although I hope we don’t have to meet again under the same circumstances, I appreciated all they did for me. ~Doyle Whaley

Mr. Jones and his staff were so kind and nice to me. They were very patient and if I ever need a lawyer again it will be Mr. Jones. I would fully recommend them. ~Rene Paxton

Laura and Scott were great. Very kind and patient with me. Prompt service and they always returned all of my calls and addressed my concerns.~ Lizzie Alexander

They were so kind and helpful to me. I can’t begin to thank them enough. They really made a difference for me. ~Candice McChristian