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Addictive Behavior Leads to Lawsuit for Abilify

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Mental illnesses are finally coming into an age where they are recognized and starting to become free of stigma. As a result, more people than ever are turning to prescription drugs as a solution to their mental illness. One of these drugs, Abilify, is the most popular antipsychotic produced for the treatment of conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Unfortunately however, the makers of Abilify have recently come under fire for failing to warn consumers of some very serious side effects. If you or someone that you love has been effected by these life threatening side effects of Abilify, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Plaintiffs in Abilify lawsuits report developing gambling addictions, hyper-sexuality, compulsive shopping, and other extreme behaviors.

Abilify Linked to Compulsive Behaviors

Patients of Abilify began to notice an intense and unusual side effect of the drug when many of them developed very serious compulsive behaviors. Plaintiffs in Abilify lawsuits report developing gambling addictions, hyper-sexuality, compulsive shopping, and other extreme behaviors. The extremity in which this unknown side effect of this drug has impacted users lives has been extensive. Former addicts of gambling are well aware that this addiction can reek havoc on families, careers, and more. Failure to warn consumers of this critical side effect is what brings so many former users of Abilify into lawsuits with the maker of the drug, Otsuka/Bristol-Myers.

Otsuka/Bristol-Myers Knew of Potential Risk

With Abilify quickly becoming one of the nations top antipsychotic drugs prescribed by doctors, Otsuka/Bristol-Myers asked patients with mental illnesses to “Add Abilify.” As more and more users began taking the drug its reported that Otsuka/Bristol-Myers failed to update the warning label to include side effects that could have saved thousands from life threatening behaviors. Otsuka/Bristol-Myers knew of a study that showed drugs that manipulate the dopamine levels in our bodies may influence behaviors related to award. The fleeting sensation of winning a big hand gambling and then immediately trying to win again would be an example of a behavior based on award.

With that conclusion drawn the FDA announced that a revised label would be added to Abilify to warn consumers of potential compulsive side effects.

Abilify Lawsuits As A Result of Side Effects

Living with a mental illness is a journey that many hide and may not feel comfortable with. The goal of taking prescription drugs like Abilify is to alleviate the sometimes unforeseen symptoms of living with mental illness. However, for many users of Abilify instead of growing closer to living without symptoms, developed behaviors that could ruin their lives. If you or someone that you are close to developed an obsessive gambling habit (including obsessively playing online games, casino gambling, and more) or other obsessive behaviors like hyper-sexuality, or compulsive shopping contact us today.

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