Zimmer NexGen Knee Recall Claims

Failure or complications of knee replacement implants

Knee replacement surgery has become big business, which means tremendous profit for biomedical companies that manufacture artificial knee joints. However, the Zimmer NexGen brand of knee replacement systems has had a high rate of failure and complications. Many patients have required revision within just a year or two. Many more have suffered from painful and debilitating effects when the implant surgery didn’t take or the mechanism went bad.

Zimmer NexGen has recalled many of its knee replacement implants. This means that the company will pay for a new knee joint. However, you may be entitled to additional compensation for the costs of surgery and rehab, for any lasting disability, for any lost income and for your pain and suffering. Greg Jones Law can help you demand full and fair compensation.

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Is your knee replacement failing or giving out?

Zimmer NexGen artificial knee replacement failure

When a company voluntarily recalls its products because of major health complications, the typical strategy is to settle claims as quickly as possible for as little as possible before people realize what their claim is really worth. Greg Jones Law has a record of results in medical device litigation. We can represent you in your claim against Zimmer NexGen to ensure that you are not shortchanged.

Contact us today if your replacement knee was subject to recall. Even if you have not experienced any adverse effects, you need to preserve your rights and determine if and when your knee joint should be replaced.

Design defects in several Zimmer NexGen products have resulted in early failure, loosening, pain and instability. As a result, the manufacturer has recalled more than 200,000 knee replacement systems, including:

  • Zimmer NexGen CR-Flex and CR-Flex Porous
  • Zimmer NexGen MIS
  • Zimmer NexGen LPS

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We welcome people throughout the United States who need representation in product liability litigation. We can advise you on the merits of an individual lawsuit versus joining one of the national class actions against Zimmer NexGen. Our sole focus is full and timely compensation for your losses and hardships associated with revision surgery or complications of your failed knee replacement.

There may be deadlines to bring your claims or take advantage of the recall, so we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

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