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Pre-existing conditions and prior injuries in workers’ compensation

Many work injury claims are wrongly denied by employers and their insurers on the basis of the employee’s medical history. Under many state workers’ compensation statues, you are still entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you aggravated an old injury or existing medical condition in the scope of your job.

At Greg Jones Law, you are represented by an law firm that has experience with work injury law. We are wise to the arguments employers use to avoid their state-mandated obligations and the tactics that workers’ compensation insurance companies use to reject claims or limit benefits.

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Pre-existing injury

You cannot be denied workers’ compensation benefits simply because you have a bad back, a weak heart, a trick knee or any other condition. If your normal work duties aggravated such a condition, you are entitled to full benefits. You are covered even if the accident would not have been disabling to someone without the pre-existing condition.

As with any work injury claim, you must report the aggravation/re-injury to your employer in a timely manner and you must seek medical treatment. Some employers try to convince employees they are not covered for pre-existing conditions. More savvy employers will contest these claims by asserting that the recent injury is not work-related.

Fighting for your rights

Greg Jones Law can help establish the causal connection and upholding your rights. We will take your denied claim to the Industrial Commission and represent you in a workers’ compensation hearing or appeal your case in state court.

We have prevailed in all types of pre-existing conditions and prior injury cases, including heart problems, back injuries, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, hearing loss and nerve damage. You are covered even if the accident would not have been disabling for a fellow worker without your existing predisposition.

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