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Problems with your Pinnacle Cup artificial hip joint?

Although DePuy has not recalled the Pinnacle hip replacement system, more than 1,500 recipients have registered complaints of hip failure or complications. These reports parallel many of the same problems with the ARS hip replacement products that were recalled in 2010.

If you are in severe pain or cannot walk or stand, it may be a sign of bone fracture or failure of your artificial hip joint. If you have any symptoms at all associated with your Pinnacle hip replacement, you may be entitled to compensation, including surgical remedy and damages for your suffering.

Greg Jones Law provides skilled and experienced legal advocacy in medical device lawsuits.

Pinnacle Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Greg Jones Law provides skilled and experienced legal advocacy in medical device lawsuits. We can represent you in a claim against DePuy Orthopedics, the division of Johnson & Johnson that manufactures the Pinnacle hip implants. We know what your claim is worth, and we will vigorously engage DePuy in demanding the fair compensation you deserve. Contact us today.

Most problems with the Pinnacle hip replacement system have stemmed from metal liners used in the Pinnacle’s cup system (socket). The metal liner is apparently more prone to slippage, and the grinding action has been linked to metallosis (metal poisoning) when particles have leached into the bloodstream. Patients have reported pain, swelling, difficulty walking, inability to bear weight on the hip, and other issues. Failure of the device can also cause fracture or degradation of the surrounding bone tissue, making revision/replacement surgery more difficult or impossible.

Our firm provides skilled and proactive representation you need to hold DePuy accountable. We will thoroughly prepare your lawsuit and pursue maximum compensation, regardless of whether the DePuy Pinnacle artificial hip is recalled.

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We have handled product liability cases on behalf of clients throughout the United States. Our firm will work with you to detail your symptoms and assess the full value of your claims. We have the resources to hold medical device manufacturers accountable, no matter how big they are.

There may be deadlines to bring a claim or join a class action, so we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

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